Project Zomboid Server Information

 See how to join the server on our Discord

Valhalla Community is a mature, close knit community with some of the greatest people around who has been with us through it all.

Active admins who are quick to respond to any issues that may pop up and always willing to lend a helping hand.

We are constantly improving on server stability, security and features.

The playstyle we're going for more focuses on your character with many new mechanics to make surviving the apocalypse harder and a bit more sim-like.

There are many mods affecting your character and the world around you therefore changing the way you play and tend to your character. Some mechanics that apply to this are posted below. 

- Welcome Pack -

You'll recieve a welcome pack after the first 20 minutes of logging into the server.

- Hourly Stipend -

Earn 25 coins every hour that you're logged in! Zombies also drop coins on death for you to use at the Shop or Player Marketplace.

- Rescue Missions -

When a player dies a loud thunder will be heard by all players. The player who died can type "help" in-game after they respawn and it will post a link on discord to a map that shows exactly where that player died at for others to help retrieve their body.

- DJ Booth -

Yes, you can dj live with a fully functional mixer in our disco room at the Community Center!

- Avatars -

When you log out an avatar takes your place leaving it a little less lonely out there.

- Hotter Summers, Colder Winters -

You'll need to dress appropriately depending on the season. We have Outfit loadouts so you can quickly swap between outfits!

- Sleeping -

When you log out, your character will sleep. Depending on where you sleep, sleep quality is effected. Sleeping effects stats like Endurance, Fatigue, Stress, Boredom and Health.

- Excrementum Mod -

Be sure to keep track of your colon and bladder, we don't need no accidents in your favorite vehicle!

- Community Center -

Spawn here directly!

- Vehicle Respawn and Vehicle Ownership -

No worries about lack of vehicles, vehicles respawn periodically around the map.

- Vehicle Interiors mod -

Live like a true nomad.

- Player Marketplace inside ISO container -

Once you enter, it will teleport you to a customized vehicle interior.

- Every Ki5 vehicle -

New ones get added immediately.

- Lifestyle mod -

Play any instrument and level up your music skill

- 2-way chat enabled -

Chat with players in-game from discord and vice versa!

- Events nearly every day -

Earn event coins to spend at the shop.

- Pokemon Cards -

Gotta collect them all!

- Random Zombies -

Zombies become faster and smarter at night.

- No P2W or microtransactions -

- 4x XP -

- Custom Anti-cheat -

- Anti-Grief System -

- And much more! -

- Player Achievements, infected status, Server Mod Updates, player deaths all posted live directly to discord!